YoY® AI smart product2consumer automation platform

We enable our clients to move up to be an “Intelligent Enterprise”!

Our Vision

The notion of the Intelligent Enterprise is a strategy that uses the latest technologies to turn data into insights and, finally, into action across the business. YoY® SaaS Enterprise Solution combines the operational- and experience-data by connecting product to consumer along the extended supply chain and applies artificial intelligence to that unique data to automate and support product2consumer-processes.

AI needs data data!

...the YoY®-Digital p2c Twin

Where we are today!

The YoY® Smart Goods xB2B2C-Platform as a collection of tools and applications to build the integrated enterprise from product to consumer -p2c-. As a whole or in parts, it has gained market traction with an industrial scale installed base, it is an acknowledged and award-winning concept.

A purpose-driven foundation for what has yet to come.

Why product2consumer?

The Information Gap to the Intelligent Enterprise

product2consumer Data

Enterprises keep record about virtually every aspect, but you rarely find structured data about the two most important aspects of their business, the genesis of their value creating product and the consumer.


Impacting to P&L bottom line: What are the dependencies between climate, production portfolio, social media sentiment and hundreds of other parameters? nobody knows!

That`s is not true, AI knows!

YoY®-BrandUX new breed of Digital Marketing Channel

Impacting the Top-Line: 4 Trillion “Touch-Point” incidents per year can represent the mightiest imaginable consumer marketing channel, hardly made use of today!

YoY® Smart Goods xB2B2C-Platform - all Tools in one Place

Oftentimes we hear "We as an organization are not far enough to launch an AI project. We first have to do our homework honing our IT-infrastructure."

No worry! All tools and methods are here to get ready fast.

Call to Action!

A bold Vision with Purpose needs bold strategic purpose-driven Partners

Corporate Co-Innovators

Corporates might be searching for efficient and independent resources, when it comes to cope with a challenge, especially if we talk about digitalization.

The closer to reality a use case is, that we are working on, the more weight a solution built on that use case will have marketplace.

So, let`s team up for a co-innovation project.

Venture Capitalists

A bold vision needs bold partners. But it needs capital too.

Even if we came that far with a fully clean cap table, we now thrive to conquer the world as our market and to create a leading-edge deep tech enterprise-solution.

Given a strategic fit, we are happy to talk to you.

Strategic Partners

We have proven, industrial scale enterprise platform that asks for an inconceivable number of applications. It is open for third party solutions. And with every other application, it gains value and visibility.

To make the vision a reality, it takes a vast amount of knowledge that is demanding as many sources as possible.

Universities, developers, marketeers,..! Let us find strategic fitting co-operation projects.

Team Members

We are all driven by purpose and the excitement about the boldness of our vision.

If you have ambitions, know what your purpose in live can be, we really would like to get to know you.

We and the project are depending on you as our next new team-member.

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